Onecoin a success in us information update on konstantin ignatov

Dear mr. Lichtman:

on the understandings designated beneath, the workplace of the usa attorney for the
southern district of recent york (“this office”) will take delivery of a responsible plea from konstantin ignatov

(the “defendant”) to the above-referenced four-matter superseding records (the
“data”). Rely one of the statistics charges the defendant with conspiracy to dedicate wire fraud,
from in or approximately 2016, as much as and which include in or about 2019, in violation of title 18, u. S. Code, phase 1349. Depend one incorporates a maximum sentence of twenty years’ imprisonment; a
the maximum term of three years’ supervised release; a most exceptional pursuant to title 18, u. S. Code, segment 3571 of the greatest of $250. 000, twice the gross pecuniary gain derived from
the offense, or two times the gross pecuniary loss to folks apart from the defendant; and a obligatory $a hundred unique evaluation. Count number  of the information expenses the defendant with twine fraud, from in or about
2016, as much as and such as in or approximately 2019,

 in violation of title 18 u. S. Code, sections 1343 and a pair of.

 Be counted two consists of a maximum sentence of 20 years’ imprisonment; a most time period of 3 years’ supervised release; a maximum fine pursuant to title 18, u. S. A. Code. Segment 3571 of the best of $250,000, two times the gross pecuniary benefit derived from the offense,
or two times the gross pecuniary loss to persons other than the defendant; and a obligatory $a hundred unique
evaluation. Rely 3 of the data costs the defendant with conspiracy to devote money
laundering, from in or about 2016, as much as and which include in or about 2019, in violation of name 18,
united states of america code, segment 1956(h). Matter 3 consists of a most sentence of twenty years

in recent email correspondence with norwegian press, onecoin lawyer in step with danielsen had lots to say on current occasions. Per danielsen has represented onecoin in norway for a while. The earliest i used to be able to trace lower back became danielsen claiming onecoin had no commercial enterprise in norway, in spite of there being at the least 5000 recorded onecoin associate traders at the time. That was lower back in 2017. Following current felony activities inside the us, particularly onecoin money launderer mark scott’s conviction and konstantin ignatov working with us authorities, norwegian press requested comment from in keeping with danielsen. Mark scott turned into determined guilty for laundering four hundred million euros for onecoin founder ruja ignatova. The budget laundered via scott were tied to onecoin, and he himself changed into paid 50 million euros in stolen investor finances. According to danielsen but, has a distinct take on matters.
“ignatov has in no way stated that onecoin is fraudulent. He has simplest testified in opposition to (the) us lawyer (mark) scott and said that the lawyer must have achieved twine fraud, ie moving money between states inside the united states of america without permission. It has no connection with onecoin.”
first-rate. Also fantastic is the claim via danielsen that konstantin ignatov, who has pleaded guilty to four crook counts, will soon stroll loose.
“ignatov is now released due to the fact he has cooperated with the prosecutor’s workplace inside the u. S. A.. So he is not being pursued his role with onecoin, and could likely quickly emerge as a loose guy.”

wowzers. Has all of us let the doj recognize?

 Whilst you’re at it, you would possibly additionally want to permit the doj recognise approximately their rogue agent. In spite of multiple retailers publicly stating onecoin is fraudulent and the doj’s entire case towards mark scott resting in this truth, when wondered about it danielsen spoke back;
“you’re misinformed. The us prosecutor has now not said what you’re regarding. The truth that an employee of the tax authority has said something on this course isn’t evidence of what the prosecuting authority thinks. It’s miles simply an expression of what a random worker thinks. As unimportant as what a journalist might think, in fact.”

so uh yeah, konstantin ignatov is at the verge of being released. And mark scott became convicted of laundering four hundred million in stolen onecoin investor budget, however the case had not anything to do with onecoin – which is also completely now not a fraudulent enterprise, in spite of that being a cornerstone of the doj’s case in opposition to both scott and ignatov.

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