It’s recreation over or can we to upward thrust like a phoenix?

My points

 after sofia’s leadership assembly on 18/12 i am very clear that we will be even stronger, professionally run each the network & the enterprise with the a great deal-expected upgrades too!

 we’ve seen most of our presentations’ recordings posted and nothing hiding except few sessions of techniques  what are you able to see from those?

 the office being refurbished and renovated consistent with our destiny needs with personnel being recruited too – see the picture of one of the flooring underneath

 the it structures and the websites being upgraded after solving the insects which were planted by means of those leaving for his or her own selfish gains

it is very clear that habib, veselina, mark & sina are now not a part of oln or onecoin – they’re publiclysacke and most effective now mark felt that he ought to come out together with his feedback? The legit newsletter confirmed their departure – so, please prevent using any of the groups with oln or our existing imas telling them you guys are saving the family

duncan episode 1 tried the equal techniques and nonetheless nowhere to be “real” except taking the fees for themselves

 all people who left and created their personal – where are they now?

 this habib & veselina are some other “duncan episode 2” and mark & sina are the recruiters for their selfish financial reasons

there are others who’re maintaining that they may be nevertheless with oln and seeking to get the higher of both worlds’ and they are truely seen to us! Simply recognise what face or the fee might you’ve got while stuck pink-handed?

 in any corporations, we should have right making plans in location to end up a success like brief-term (0-three months), medium-term (3-6 months) & long-time period (6-12 months)
 now, we’re doing the whole lot like the specialists do to run a enterprise and it is all obvious already – just look for it
 many interesting time is surely beforehand and you simply have to trust us due to the fact as above, it’s miles sincerely not “it’s sport over” or indeed “it ain’t over till (or until) the fat lady sings”

now, going returned to explaining the 2 fees within the beginning;

its game over” the phrase is from time to time used to signify the cease of a process in actual existence. “recreation over” is also every so often used as a phrase to concede defeat, as for instance within the film aliens where one of the protagonists,

private william hudson (invoice paxton), shouts, “recreation over, guy. For us, it’s far clearly not but “game over”

onecoin electronic (digital) money

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 to upward push like a phoenix from the ashes way to emerge from a catastrophe more potent, smarter and more powerful. The phoenix chicken is a mythical fowl from greek mythology. We are certainly intently matched with this later! Very soon those shameful leavers will desire to come back back and it’s miles my query to them that “what price would you upload to this approaching financial revolution then otherwise you bring with you?” just don’t forget what you do now will make you smile or cry later in lifestyles .

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